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Human Development Report 2007/2008 Fighting climate change:Human solidarity in a divided world

NAMAs in the refrigeration, air conditioning and foam sectors. A technical handbook

Proklima Press Clipping 2013

Introducing Solar-Powered Refrigerators in Southern Africa

German Green Cooling Initiative Promoting climate-friendly cooling technologies world wide

Demonstration project for the conversion of production facilities for the manufacturing of split and window-type air-conditioning equipment from halogenated chemicals to natural, climate-friendly cooling agents

Press Clipping 2012. Green cooling for a warming world

Cooling - growth - climate change

Production conversion of domestic refrigerators from halogenated to hydrocarbon refrigerants. A Guideline

Operation of split air conditioning systems with hydrocarbon refrigerant. A conversion guide for technicians, trainers and engineers

Installation and Service Manual

Guidelines for the safe use of hydrocarbon refrigerants

Good Practices in Refrigeration

Natural Foam Blowing Agents Sustainable Ozone- and Climate-Friendly Alternatives to HCFCs

Insulation in commercial refrigeration using water-blown PU Foam in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Climate-friendly room air-conditioners on hydrocarbon technology and new standards for natural refrigerants in China

Converting the Production of Refrigeration Equipment to Natural Refrigerants

Conversion of Supermarket Refrigeration Systems from F-Gases to Natural Refrigerants

NAMAs in the refrigeration, air-conditioning and foam blowing sectors

Converting Air-Conditioning Systems in Public Buildings in Mauritius to Natural Refrigerants

Converting XPS Foam Production from F-Gases to Climate-Friendly CO2-Technology

Capturing ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases from household refrigerators Introduction of a Comprehensive Refrigerator Recycling Programme in Brazil

Proklima Press Clipping 2011

NAMAs in the refrigeration, air conditioning and foam sectors

Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change in Agriculture

Self-supply renewable NAMA in Chile

The Importance of the Transport Sector for Global Climate Change Mitigation

V-NAMA “involving sub-national actors into national mitigation strategies through vertically integrated NAMAs"

Annual Status Report on NAMAs (Mid-year update May 2013)

Developing Financeable NAMAs (A Practitioner’s Guide)

Agriculture, forestry and other land use mitigation project database (Second assessment of the current status of land-based sectors in the carbon markets)

Mitigation talks (October-January 2013)

Mitigation talks (January-September 2012)

Mitigation talks (January-June 2011)

Mitigation talks (September-November 2010)

Agriculture, forestry and other land use mitigation project database

Global Air Quality and Health Co-benefits of Mitigating Near-Term Climate Change through Methane and Black Carbon Emission Controls

Status Report on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) Mid-year update May 2012

Report of the Conference of the Parties on its seventeenth session, held in Durban 

Waste management and climate change 

Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation

Women's journal ReLady