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Global Environment. Facility Financing Adaptation Action

A new permanent multi-parameter monitoring network in Central Asian high mountains – from measurements to data bases

Supporting transitions to resilient irrigation systems: Findings from southern Kyrgyzstan

Climate change and international water conflict in Central Asia

Will climate change exacerbate water stress in Central Asia?

Programme Designing Climate Change Adaptation Initiatives. UNDP Toolkit for Practitioners

Adapting to Climate Change in Europe and Central Asia

Adapting to Climate Change in Europe and Central Asia. Background Paper on Water Supply and Sanitation

Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation in Europe and Central Asia

Kyrgyz Republic: Southern Agricultural Area Development Project. Project Document

UNDP Central Asia Multi-Country Programme on Climate Risk Management. Tajikistan

Increase Resilience of Local Populations in Mountain Areas of Kyrgyzstan to Climate Change Impacts

Climate Vulnerability, Risk and Adaptation Assessments. Helping Countries Prepare an Effective Power SectorResponse: Focus on Kyrgyzstan. Final Report

PROJECT: Enabling Integrated Climate Risk Assessment for CCD planning in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan Climate Risk Profile

Access to Justice for Vulnerable Groups in the Kyrgyz Republic

Adaptation needs and priorities Kyrgyzstan

The national adaptation plan process. A brief overview

Final report RDTA-8119 REG: Economics of Climate Change in Central and West Asia

Research Priorities on Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation

The PROVIA Guidance on Assessing Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change

The Smart National Adaptation Planning Tool

Assessing the costs of adaptation to climate change in developing countries (AdaptCosts)

Technical guidelines for the national adaptation plan process

Community-Based Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Adaptation to Climate Change in Europe and Central Asia Agriculture 

EU action against climate change. Adapting to climate change 

Adaptation to Climate Change. An EU approach 

Sector Briefing on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation. Agriculture

Adaptation and vulnerability to Climate Change: the role of the Finance Sector

Accssesing International funding for Climate Change Adaptation

Women's journal ReLady