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National Biodiversity and Action Plan of the Kyrgyz Republic

Impacts of climate warming on glaciers and water resources in Tajikistan and Central Asia

The number of emergencies caused by mudflows, floods, avalanches and landslides in Kyrgyzstan

1. Climate change basic overview

2. Climate change basic science

3. Climate change in Kyrgyzstan

4. Solutions and Actions to Climate Change

5 The essence of rubbish

6. Water pollution

7. Air pollution

8. Endangered Species of Animals

9. Edelweiss

The UNDP Low Emission Capacity Building (LECB) Programme: A global initiative to support mitigation action – LEDS, NAMAs & MRV

Technology for policymakers

The GIZ approach to promote climate-friendly technology cooperation

Possibilities for consumption-based policies in a 2015 climate treaty

MRV Handbook Project and Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)

Bridging the Gap between land transport and international climate change – getting on the right pathway!

Increasing mitigation & financing ambitions through action on international transport

Promoting Social Inclusion – Family Agriculture

National greenhouse gas emissions baseline scenarios: learning from experiences in developing countries

Effectiveness, efficiency, and feasibility of consumption-based approaches in climate policy

Challenges and Opportunities for NAMAs Formulation: Lessons learnt from Southeast Asia

Executive Board of the CDM: Progress update

Guidance on the Elaboration and Implementation of Border Carbon Adjustment

Informational foundations of adaptation policy

Earmarking the EU ETS -Revenues for climate action

Evaluating Adaption

How 2 C still can be reached starting from 2020 pledges

Latest submissions: national communications from non-annex i parties

Copenhagen accord pledges imply  higher costs for staying below 2 C warm

Presentation about climate made by GreenPeace

Protecting the Ozone Layer Australian experience

Presentations for schoolchildren on climate Change 

Solutions and actions for Climate Change

Basic introduction on Climate Change 

Basic science of Climate Change 

Water pollution 

Air pollution 

Climate Change in Kyrgyzstan 

The essence of rubbish  

Endangered Species 

The story of one flower 




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