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Kyrgyzstan and Climate Change

The Kyrgyz Republic. Intended Nationally Determined Contribution

Climate Change Impact on Pastures and Livestock Systems in Kyrgyzstan. Technical report

Climate Change Impact on Pastures and Livestock Systems in Kyrgyzstan

Sustainable management of mountainous forest and land resources under climate change conditions.  Project Document

EBRD-Special Climate Change Fund. Promoting Climate Resiliency of Water Supplies in Kyrgyzstan. Project Document

Climate Profile of The Kyrgyz Republic

PROJECT: Enabling Integrated Climate Risk Assessment for CCD planning in Central Asia.  Kyrgyzstan Climate Risk Profile

Kyrgyzstan Component of the Central Asian Climate Risk Management Programme

Environment Protection for Sustainable Development Programme. Kyrgyzstan

PIMS 3910 Improving Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Atlas award 00050731

Global Ecological Conventions: The Capacities Of Kyrgyzstan. Subject Review

Environmental Performance Reviews Kyrgyzstan

Report on the section of the final declaration of the 6th World Water Forum "Protect the blue planet: The water in the Rio Conventions, natural disasters, water-related natural disasters, water, urban development and urban"

Forecasting mudflow risk and of high altitude lake

Climate Change Impact on Pastures and Livestock Systems in Kyrgyzstan

National sustainable development strategy for the Kyrgyz Republic for the period of 2013-2017

Concept Note. Strategic Framework on Climate Change Response in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Kyrgyz Republic's second national communication to the United Nations framework convention on climate change

Tien Shan ecosystem development project

Climate change threatening agriculture of Kyrgyzstan

Strategy for the Kyrgyz Republic



Women's journal ReLady